love it love it love it alot

love it love it love it alot
Ashton Kutcher’s new nickname is “Patchy”
Fergie looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid (such a great call)
Jessica Alba loves porn! check out the XXX video’s she bought
Borat Has Sexytime Explosion! (so good)
Madonna rocks again! at the MTV Europe Music Awards
Ashlee Simpson Wild In McDonald’s! hilarious! (video here! & here)
The French Hate Lance Armstrong, but we love him
Matthew McConaughey is intense about brushing his teeth
Beyonce Has The Right Curves
Celebs at U2, cuz everyone loves a U2 concert
Replacing Howard Stern gets ugly
Hilarious trailer for – Thanksgiving: The Movie
Kathy Hilton Makes Our Pussy Wet
Bobby Brown and Mike Tyson act like fools
Courtney Love needs girl band members
Gwen tries to hawk more ugly shit on us!
Vida Guerra and her weapons of mass destruction
Inside the Black Ball
Kelly Brook: Naked In Three
The Video of Janet Jackson nude sunbathing
13 pages of beautiful Scarlett Johansson photos!
Learn the Napoleon Dynamite Dance!
Dave Chappelle’s Apple Parody

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