love it love it love it alot

love it love it love it alot
- Ashton Kutcher’s new nickname is “Patchy”
- Fergie looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid (such a great call)
- Jessica Alba loves porn! check out the XXX video’s she bought
- Borat Has Sexytime Explosion! (so good)
- Madonna rocks again! at the MTV Europe Music Awards
- Ashlee Simpson Wild In McDonald’s! hilarious! (video here! & here)
- The French Hate Lance Armstrong, but we love him
- Matthew McConaughey is intense about brushing his teeth
- Beyonce Has The Right Curves
- Celebs at U2, cuz everyone loves a U2 concert
- Replacing Howard Stern gets ugly
- Hilarious trailer for – Thanksgiving: The Movie
- Kathy Hilton Makes Our Pussy Wet
- Bobby Brown and Mike Tyson act like fools
- Courtney Love needs girl band members
- Gwen tries to hawk more ugly shit on us!
- Vida Guerra and her weapons of mass destruction
- Inside the Black Ball
- Kelly Brook: Naked In Three
- The Video of Janet Jackson nude sunbathing
- 13 pages of beautiful Scarlett Johansson photos!
- Learn the Napoleon Dynamite Dance!
- Dave Chappelle’s Apple Parody

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