Eva on Eva

Eva on Eva
we’re not going to beat around the bush on this one… Eva Longoria and Eva Mendes should hook up!


and this time it’s not just one of our lesbian fantasies… when it comes to kissing women they speak the same language! (from the Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes, our new favorite site)…

Eva Longoria talks to FHM Magazine about kissing a girl she met in Vegas
FHM: “Was there tongue involved?”
Eva: “Oh yeah. It was a kiss-kiss. A real kiss. It was soft and gentle and sweet.

Eva Mendes talks to Ask Men about filming love scenes with women
AM: “How do you feel about on-screen sex?”
Eva: “… doing them with girls is totally different. It’s fun! It goes back to the play yard mentality: guys can be yucky, and girls are sweet, soft and smell good.

omg, they both get it. that’s so hot. they need to hang out.

(photos via GMask’s Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria galleries)

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