star dump

star dump
last crap of the week…

- God that’s gross! Bruce Willis & Aida Yespica Kissing
- Carson Daly isn’t looking so good
- Mandy Moore Problem Free, Her publicist should be fired.
- Jessica Simpson’s diva attitude and alleged drinking problem
- Eva Longoria: Hot, But Not That Hot
- What happens when you google “Male Model Hangouts”
- Sylvester Stallone: In a word, classy. In two words, dirt bag
- Beatles film/Across the Universe repaints the LES
- Matthew McConaughey wears “putrid green headband”
- Cameron Diaz stuck one of her big, ugly feet in her mouth
- Since when is Parasite Hilton so fucking camera shy?
- Jessica Biel is incredibly sexy
- Carmen Electra wearing handlebars
- Tori Spelling’s Balcony Flash
- Diddy is not gay.
- Gruesome Twosomes
- Tom Cruise’s dastardly plan!
- Name that cocktail

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