star dump

star dump
last crap of the week…

- God that’s gross! Bruce Willis & Aida Yespica Kissing
Carson Daly isn’t looking so good
Mandy Moore Problem Free, Her publicist should be fired.
Jessica Simpson’s diva attitude and alleged drinking problem
Eva Longoria: Hot, But Not That Hot
What happens when you google “Male Model Hangouts”
Sylvester Stallone: In a word, classy. In two words, dirt bag
Beatles film/Across the Universe repaints the LES
Matthew McConaughey wears “putrid green headband”
Cameron Diaz stuck one of her big, ugly feet in her mouth
Since when is Parasite Hilton so fucking camera shy?
Jessica Biel is incredibly sexy
Carmen Electra wearing handlebars
Tori Spelling’s Balcony Flash
Diddy is not gay.
Gruesome Twosomes
Tom Cruise’s dastardly plan!
Name that cocktail

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