crème de la crème

crème de la crème
Hollywood crème straight off the top

- Paris is on fire!
The Federlines resume life
Who’s mug is uglier? Tyson or Fergie
Pete Doherty poster child for the evils of drugs
Sitcom on Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s freaky-gross marriage
Tara Reid: not accusing her of being high, but she’s probably high
Paris Hiton on MK Olsen: “She’s just a jealous, ugly, anorexic idiot!”
Kirsten Dunst is sparking rumors that she’s an alcoholic
Kate Bosworth: Skinny chicks who have terrible bodies
Americans Love Celebrity Ex-Con Martha Stewart
Mariah Carey looking dirty hot on stage
Where Ellen and Portia will be doing it
Crunktastical on BET’s 25 Shades of Fine
Ashlee Simpson Lays Down Hygiene Laws
Hilarious Daily Show reports on The Bird Flu
Paris Didn’t Sleep with Someone
The Lost Drinking Game
Heidi Klum’s New Baby
ScienTOMogy scandal

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