crème de la crème

crème de la crème
Hollywood crème straight off the top

- Paris is on fire!
- The Federlines resume life
- Who’s mug is uglier? Tyson or Fergie
- Pete Doherty poster child for the evils of drugs
- Sitcom on Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s freaky-gross marriage
- Tara Reid: not accusing her of being high, but she’s probably high
- Paris Hiton on MK Olsen: “She’s just a jealous, ugly, anorexic idiot!”
- Kirsten Dunst is sparking rumors that she’s an alcoholic
- Kate Bosworth: Skinny chicks who have terrible bodies
- Americans Love Celebrity Ex-Con Martha Stewart
- Mariah Carey looking dirty hot on stage
- Where Ellen and Portia will be doing it
- Crunktastical on BET’s 25 Shades of Fine
- Ashlee Simpson Lays Down Hygiene Laws
- Hilarious Daily Show reports on The Bird Flu
- Paris Didn’t Sleep with Someone
- The Lost Drinking Game
- Heidi Klum’s New Baby
- ScienTOMogy scandal

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