why don’t they make botox for necks?

why don’t they make botox for necks?
a question that’s been bugging us… can’t they shoot botox in your neck? why do all these over-botox’d celebrities like Pricilla Presley, Janice Dickinson and Cher have old saggy necks below their freshly smoothed faces?!


Yeeeaaah!… FourFour the fucking king of screen captures whips this one out for us…


Update: big thanks to reader Lola who sent us this hot info!…
“They do make botox for necks… Only a few doctors are proficient. Dr. Fred Brandt (Madonna’s fave) is the pioneer. Maybe Priscilla needs a referral. Rumor was that Cher used to go to Fred, but they had “creative differences” and they parted ways. (She wanted too much done). Supposedly, Madonna would (still does?) have him fly
to her with his lasers. (and a shout out to Dr. Brett K. who’s training in cosmetic surgery and emailed us some insight!)

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