They need our help

They need our help


Just a reminder that we’re matching whatever ForgottenNY raises this weekend in their Fundraisier for the Red Cross, with a donation to the Humane Society of South Mississippi. Please join us in making this a weekend of donations! and thanks to readers M and L for the pledges.

Eric’s Dog Blog is an AMAZING site providing all detailed info and reports on what’s going on. In the last 2 days some horrifying stories have come out. Check the site for more on what you can do to help.

$5000 reward offered for dog shooters
Amazing tales of survival
Update and Responses

Update: there are some truly amazing and caring people out there. this wonderful note from Nancy in Pensacola, FL made our day. for further inspiration… “I want to personally thank you for the heads up on the HSSM; I’m a yoga teacher down here and a dog lover and my class has raised over $4,300 for the Humane Society.”

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