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September 7, 2005

a triumph of facial elasticity

a triumph of facial elasticity FourFour on My Chemical Romance and “how the question of intention makes camp much more […] Read More

shooting DUMBO

shooting DUMBO SpinachDip has a cool post on taking photos in DUMBO (“down under the Manhattan bridge”). awesome shot… Read More
( NY Photos )

star kid strut

star kid strut god we love it when celebrity kids taunt the paparazzi! Tea Leoni and David Duchovny’s adorable son […] Read More

fight or flight

fight or flight last summer we were catching shots of street fights pretty regularly, but it’s been a while since […] Read More

September 6, 2005

gossip-a-go-go – 2

gossip-a-go-go the latest from the gossip gods… – Is Eddie Murphy Gay? – Paris Hilton Feeding the Birds – Natalie […] Read More

good dog good day

good dog good day somebody had a good weekend… Read More

the last picture show

the last picture show mysterious and beautiful, images of an upstate NY drive-in captured as only Baldomero Fernandez can… (photos […] Read More

September 2, 2005

Bush has truly failed America

Bush has truly failed America The time it has taken Bush, America’s commander and chief, to respond to the Katrina […] Read More