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September 7, 2005

a triumph of facial elasticity

a triumph of facial elasticity FourFour on My Chemical Romance and “how the question of intention makes camp much more ... Read More

shooting DUMBO

shooting DUMBO SpinachDip has a cool post on taking photos in DUMBO (“down under the Manhattan bridge”). awesome shot… Read More
( NY Photos )

star kid strut

star kid strut god we love it when celebrity kids taunt the paparazzi! Tea Leoni and David Duchovny’s adorable son ... Read More

fight or flight

fight or flight last summer we were catching shots of street fights pretty regularly, but it’s been a while since ... Read More

September 6, 2005

gossip-a-go-go – 2

gossip-a-go-go the latest from the gossip gods… – Is Eddie Murphy Gay? – Paris Hilton Feeding the Birds – Natalie ... Read More

good dog good day

good dog good day somebody had a good weekend… Read More

the last picture show

the last picture show mysterious and beautiful, images of an upstate NY drive-in captured as only Baldomero Fernandez can… (photos ... Read More

September 2, 2005

Bush has truly failed America

Bush has truly failed America The time it has taken Bush, America’s commander and chief, to respond to the Katrina ... Read More