dressed to not kill

dressed to not kill
via the internet, and cool sites like DoubleViking, we learn something new every day! Smock this website for “Safe clothes & blankets for suicidal inmates in jails and prisons” has some interesting info…

Clothe Your Suicidal Inmates and Save Money… Overseeing naked inmates is uncomfortable for staff. A clothed inmate can be more readily moved. Providing clothing protects your facility against a suit for harm caused by hypothermia.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are they indestructible?
A: Have you heard about the Wisconsin inmate who tore through walls with his bare hands to pull out the wiring? How about the Wyoming inmate who bent a solid steel door in half? These actual events indicate how imprudent it would be to call anything made of fabric “indestructible”. Our blankets and smocks are made of the strongest wearable, washable fabric available.

last word goes to Shaf off DV… “if i was wearing that, then i really WOULD want to kill myself”

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