Bush has truly failed America

Bush has truly failed America
The time it has taken Bush, America’s commander and chief, to respond to the Katrina disaster is a DISGRACE. Friday morning Bush announced that he’d had a meeting with all his top officials and they were putting relief plans into action. Why did this meet happen Friday and not Tuesday??! One reason may be that Bush did not return from his vacation until Wednesday, and Condi Rice was shopping for shoes in NY!

24/7 coverage of the disaster on news networks has been going on since Sunday night. By Tuesday every major news organization in the country had a representative broadcasting live from the scene. It was obvious to anyone watching TV Tuesday morning that not a minute could be spared! But it took our federal government’s 4 DAYS to kick it in gear! The lack of immediate action is INEXCUSABLE!

And while Bush hits the streets with a massive PR effort to spin his abominable response time, thousands of people remain in distress. Bush is just starting, yet Ray Nagin, the Mayor of New Orleans has declared that they are OUT OF TIME.

READ Ray Nagin’s passionate speech regarding the DISASTEROUS response of our federal government (Anderson Cooper kicks ass too.)

Update: The Federal Goverment has admitted they were slow in responding to this disaster, causing an unknown but massive amount of unnessesary death. Our goverment has admitted to the murder of thousands of American people.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Organizations (via Give.org)

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