Helping Animals Effected by Katrina

Helping Animals Effected by Katrina


A reader sent us this note “perhaps you could link to a group that is helping abandoned/displaced animals in New Orleans? I have heard reports of people who left their pets behind (thinking they would come back to them). The animals that survived will surely need our help!” What a great idea, did some digging around and came up with this awesome group and info…

Noah’s Wish – “a not-for-profit, animal welfare organization, with a straightforward mission – keep animals alive during disasters” – is already on the scene and responding to this disaster! 10 members of their team arrived in the outlying areas of the disaster today and are working hard to organize and rescue animals. info and details on how to help can be found on their main page. donations can be made through their website!

more info and links sent in (thanks Carol!):
The Animal Rescue League of Boston sent their vets and ambulances down earlier this week along with teams organized by American Humane Association
The most direct agency to help looks like the Mississippi Animal Rescue League is working to take in displaced animals. Their website isn’t updated but they do accept donations.

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