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July 27, 2005

will the kids be alright

will the kids be alright for several months we’ve been following the news regarding the closing of the legendary NY […] Read More

J.Lo to Adopt Olsen Twins

J.Lo to Adopt Olsen Twins in a desperate attempt to keep up with the celebrity baby craze, J.Lo will be […] Read More

could be worse

could be worse when Buddy started to complain about the bath, we told him about a cat named Winston who […] Read More

just call him “bubbles”

just call him “bubbles” but not to his face. – Buddy likes baths – Buddy’s Spa Night but not all […] Read More

July 26, 2005

slice of construction

slice of construction heavy new construction has popped up directly next to the development of the hotel at 200 Allen […] Read More

Bolivian women wrestlers

Bolivian women wrestlers thanks to Gawker, we found the NYT’s article on the fantastic Bolivian wrestling circuit, and the kick […] Read More

how you know you’re at a gay party…

how you know you’re at a gay party… this hilarious shot and comment are from the fabulous site Towleroad, and […] Read More

no Cruise news!

no Cruise news! and yet, still no shortage of crazy celeb stuff… – John Stamos Gets Wasted – Mariah Carey […] Read More