back in effect

back in effect
while we were away, the celebs did play…
Episode 3 of Being Whitney Houston’s Husband
Mariah Carey blames 9/11 for the failure of “Glitter”
Top 15 Dickinsonisms from the premiere of The Surreal Life
Wildly Overrated: Kirsten Dunst, & Maria Sharapova
Things you might learn from watching the ESPYs
Moby Loves Dogs, Maybe a Little Too Much
Kirstie Alley Will Eat Your Unborn Child
Dazzling tribute to the great Liberace
Billy Crystal Thinks He Knows You
Lindsay Lohan Has A New Boyfriend
Scruffy McScruff is a multitasker
Kimberly Stewart Not Celebrity
The Paula-Whitney Translator
Fabio, After Dark (the album)
12 Hottest Female Guitarists
Mariah Carey’s Nipple Slip
Jodie Foster and family
Stars pump gas
Ali G in NYC

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