where to buy fireworks in NY

where to buy fireworks in NY
still have some stuff from last year, so we’re not making a run. but as a public service announcement here’s a guide to getting the best fireworks around NYC!…


with a car:
the BEST fireworks spot we’ve ever found (and we’ve hit dozens) is the Nitro Fireworks Outlet in Maryland. a straight 2 hour drive down the Jersey Turnpike. they have tons of fireworks from small to lots of big stuff, mortars and all and CHEAP prices. check out last years report with directions and tons of photos.

There are closer spots you can find through the Fireworksexpress.com the Connecticut spots sell only small stuff and at Pennsylvania stores the prices can be insanely high (beware of Phantom outlets 4 times as high as Nitro in Md. )

Without a car:
hit Chinatown this week. with the fireworks crackdown the street sellers are hard to find but they’re out there. looks near heart of Chinatown on Mott and Canal, and also try the back street of CT and Little Italy, keep an eye out for:
1) a man or woman with a bag who drops it down on the street and sells stuff quickly then closes the bag and moves on
2) someone lurking in a doorway whispering “fireworks” they’ll have a couple boxes inside the doorway filled with stuff they’re selling
3) some shop owners sell fireworks – look for clandestine looking sales going on in shops behind counters, although they’re very suspicious, they are looking to sell so if you play it cool they’ll hook you up.

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