We are the Starbucks Children

We are the Starbucks Children
Has anyone calculated the amount of free advertising Starbucks is getting from all the photos that make the rounds of today’s hottest A-List celebrities holding tight to their cups?…


It has to be over a 100 million bucks – they’re getting both free endorsements from the most expensive stars AND free placement as the photos make the rounds in the thousands of media outlets, from TV to magazines to websites. We spent a short time collecting photos from the past few months, and found more than we could possibly post… Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Mary-Kate Olsen, Drew and Fabrizio, Jessica and Nick, Nicole and her DJ, Pamela Anderson, Macaulay, Jessica Alba, Renee Zellweger, Madonna!

It is possible they’re paying for the exposure, but couldn’t find any “official” endorsements, and it seems unlikely (just in terms of the tremendous money it would cost to get all these top stars.)

There’s almost a cult thing going on as Britney Spears rushes into strip malls to get her fix and Mary-Kate Olsen clutches cups to her breast as if they were the sweet nectar of happiness. There’s often Starbucks signage in the background. And we like Madonna’s strategic placement of her cup at her side and in front of her at children’s book readings. and the subliminally seduced is working!, these days when we see a picture of Brit we think “ummmmm Starbuuucks”. WE ARE THE STARBUCKS CHILDREN!

Update: a website devoted to Starbucks Gossip asks “Which celebrities have you spotted in your Starbucks store?
And here’s a photo that may prove Britney is working for Starbucks!

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