small victory for NY pot smokers

small victory for NY pot smokers
the Gothamist reported last week that the NYPD may be scaling back small pot busts – halleluiah! we’ve been holding smoke-in’s around the city for over a year now in protest of NYC’s ridiculous waste of money aggressively hunting down small time joint busts – so this is music to our ears!


more info on NYC’s (hopefully former) small time pot bust campaign, in the post that started our public smoke-ins – Beware of The Man in the Van. and here are some of our favorite smoke-in photos from the last year…

In front of the 9th Precinct on E 5th St
In the middle of Avenue A in broad daylight
On the street in the heart of Tribeca
Near Mars Bar on 2nd Ave
Walking down St. Marks Place
On Bleeker Street
Protesting the Jet’s stadium
Outside CBGB’s
At the Circle Line
At the Intrepid
In the Lower East Side
Outside the Puck building in Soho

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