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June 28, 2005

NYC’s weekend of parades

NYC’s weekend of parades 2 fabulous events rocked NYC this past weekend – Gay Pride Day and The Coney Island […] Read More
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one love

one love on top of being a rock god, Bono is a moving leader. he’s speaking out aggressively and passionately […] Read More

June 27, 2005

shopping mall bird and monkey cages

shopping mall bird and monkey cages it was love at first sight for us when first found the site Malls […] Read More

the Key to happiness

the Key to happiness couple photos from our vacation a week ago in the Florida Keys. it was so beautiful […] Read More

things that make you go eww, part 2

things that make you go eww, part 2 Fergie, Billy Bob Thorton, Fred Durst, Star Jones things that make you […] Read More

June 24, 2005

Bronx down

Bronx down sunset over the Bronx, shot out the window as our plane landed at LaGuardia Sunday night Read More
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eldridge street art

eldridge street art some shots taken between Stanton and Delancy on Eldridge St. in the LES… Read More

New York schtuff

New York schtuff – Dear Retards: Not Too Fast, Not Too Slow – ‘Martha! The Unauthorized Musical’ in development – […] Read More