NY celeb stalking

NY celeb stalking
we’ve said it before, but here it goes again.. Gawker Stalker fucking kicks-ass and names names! hilarious NYC celeb spottings sent in by readers, always a fantastic read. if you need some convincing… here’s a couple quotes from the latest edition

“sat next to Leonard Nimoy last night at Honumura An. He was tall, apparently vegetarian, and very quiet. His bitchy wife started doing a very mean impersonation of how quiet he was being, in fact. “This is you,” she said, and wiped her hand over her face and just glowered”

“saw Rosie O’Donnell at around 9:30 tuesday night heading towards park on 57th (i think she was coming from blt steak) holding hands with her partner, kelly. looked very butch and angry. her hair was a complete mess and she was wearing a vest.”

” I saw Patrick Swayze in the lobby of the Reuters building. He is short, aged and perma-tanned. But not altogether unattractive”

” Bo Bice and Clive Davis at Mr. Chow 6/1 eve. … Bo looked like a fish out of water at the power dinner of all men.”

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