Last Meal at HoJo’s

Last Meal at HoJo’s
the closing of the Howard Johnson’s in Times Square has been in the news. according to the employees, there’s no set close date yet, but we headed over grab one last meal with some friends in case it happens fast…




and it was great. same classic bright orange interior, moldy smell, slow service, and totally empty at lunch time. the food was actually really good. Clam strips were super crispy, chewy but still tender and a nice tangy flavor, with the classic Hojo’s parker rolls, fresh cole slaw, great fries and a yummy chocolate malt on the side. a friend’s western omelet was huge, fresh and tasty. just like we remembered (like lots of old school NY clubbers, we’ve hit Hojo’s many times over the last 20 years.) the prices are ridiculous, total Times Square tourist rip off ($17.95 for the clam platter and $6 for the shake.) still all in all it was a fine lunch. gotta hit happy hour one more time before close.
Chef Can’t Imagine Times Square without Fried Clams
Goodbye Cheap Cocktails No Mo Hojo in Times Square

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