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May 24, 2005

Buddy on the Hudson

Buddy on the Hudson Buddy in the Catskills last weekend. this city dog loves him some country living… Read More

pro Bono

pro Bono JukeBoxGraduate turned us on to and an interesting post that has the story on U2 filming in […] Read More

gal absurd

gal absurd via Perez, just days old, Gallery of the Absurd has some brilliant & funny art work that speaks […] Read More

May 23, 2005

kidz rule

kidz rule who says Monday’s can’t be fun, some hilarious photos… Can You Find the Kid in This Picture? Mickey […] Read More

His name is Lepos. He is not from here.

His name is Lepos. He is not from here. from the fabulous GammaBlaBlog comes the tale of Lepos – “His […] Read More

show cruise

show cruise the saga of Tom and Katie’s public love affair takes an even stranger turn as Tom Cruise hits […] Read More

May 20, 2005

drugs on The Simpsons

drugs on The Simpsons our boy Jessie tipped us to the cool site Erowid – “documenting the complex relationship between […] Read More

passion for shades

passion for shades nothing says you’ve got style and confidence like a giant pair of vintage designer sunglasses. Cazals are […] Read More