Cheap Beer Here!

Cheap Beer Here!

If you live in NYC and like beer, the New Beer Distributors outlet is BEER HEAVEN! Tons of good beer and cheap prices – from domestic cheapies to rare microbreweries to international brands…



prices are great, a sampling of beer by the case:
Pabst – $13
Rolling Rock – $19
Labatts – $21
Sapporo – $24
Dixie – $25
Harpoon – $26
Dinkel Acker – $28
Sam Adams – $29
Boddington’s – $37

and they’ll break down any case into a 6 pack for you and charge you exactly 1/4. plus they have 2 big rows of all kinds of beer for a buck a bottle! for $6 you can put together a 6 pack sample “tasting”. the New Beer Distributors outlet is located on Chrystie just above Delancey, open to the public Monday-Saturday from early morn until 6:00 pm sharp (closed Sunday.)

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