Street Fight Video Motherload #2

Street Fight Video Motherload #2
fights happen. they can be very ugly, cityrag’s caught a few. on the street we just snap what we see


on the web, we try and avoid the ultra violent videos, and look for ones that are funny or catch a crazy moment. here’s an update since cityrag’s last Street Fight Video Motherload post… continues to reign supreme! lots of additions in the last few months to Smoothy’s killer Fights and Knockouts Collection. and they do a nice job of labeling what’s on each video, so you can pick and choose how low you want to go (for super fight fans, the pages of messages that follow the list contain even more vid links.) couple wild knockouts…

one simply titled Bar Fight, is an amazing example of a – “how did they catch that” – street fight film.


knockout fans will appreciate this big mouth, college kid getting knocked out in one punch – in Don’t Talk Shit (stills above are from that video.)

another list we found is LookatEntertainment’s “Fighting Videos” (lots of repeats but a couple new ones) usually adds a couple fight photos and videos to their weekly updates – like this CRAZY crowd fight!

and more in the first Street Fight Video Motherload round-up!

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