Chitty Chitty in the city

Chitty Chitty in the city
walked by the opening of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on 42nd St last night and snapped some photos to catch the “Broadway Opening” vibe… (the celebs were super nice and responded to our shouts)

Fred Armisen is fabulous. we yelled “hi Fred!” and he came running over like he was gonna kiss us. he’s funny and cute. Tina Fey was also there, didn’t catch a pic, when we asked if what a boy or girl she said she didn’t know.


Harvey Weinstein looks like he lost about 100 pounds. told him he was looking great and he said “thanks, I’ve been working hard!” and Eric Bogosian was all stylish.


no idea who these people are but they capture the opening scene fun… (actually we thought the guy at the bottom was K-Fed for a minute but it turned out to be some junkie dude)



the only bummer part were the horrible, nasty photographers that didn’t like us taking pics behind them and tried to harass the shit out of us. we told them to go fuck themselves and took our photos. they called the cops on us, cops told them to back off and let us stay :-)

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