demise of the LES: Pomeranc’s Allen St Fuckover begins

demise of the LES: Pomeranc’s Allen St. Fuckover begins
the Lower East Side has put up with a lot of crappy gentrification, but this seriously scares us. work has begun on a new hotel Jason Pomeranc is building on Allen St. (between Houston and Stanton)…



we read Curbed religiously to keep an eye on what’s being developed in the LES, but had been turning a blind eye to this story. today it smacked us upside the head so we dug in, and what we found is very ugly. the articles below speaks for themselves, but the bottomline is: Jason Pomeranc is determined to change the landscape of our hood. if you care about or live in the LES or EV, these are must reads…

Good News for People Who Love Luxury Boutique Hotels

just when one may have feared the boutique hotel craze had peaked, comes word from Deborah Schoeneman that 60 Thompson owner Jason Pomeranc plans to open two new hotels next year, one at 6 Columbus Circle, and one on the Lower East Side. Of the LES hotel, which will feature 32 luxury condos, plus a spa, swimming pool, and all the other requisite trappings of hell, Pomeranc notes, “Allen Street is an overlooked and neglected frontier.”

Pomeranc’s Allen Street Hotel: Domination!

Perhaps nothing, though, will change the face of Allen like the proposed new hotel, still unnamed, which will tower over the street and certainly raise objections from those who frequently oppose out-of-scale projects… The hotel is also supposed to have bars, restaurants and an outdoor pool and will have two entrances, one on Orchard Street and the other on Allen, which Michael Pomeranc, the developer, calls a ”boulevard in the raw.”…

Hotels are replacing hipsters on changing Lower East Side

Jason Pomeranc was quoted last July as saying of the Thompson group’s 18-story plus project, “We were presented with the opportunity to not only impact the skyline but to begin creating it.” Whether or not other developers will follow suit in “creating” the Lower East Side skyline remains unknown, but depending on zoning restrictions, the look of the neighborhood could change drastically in the near future

Know Your Hoteliers, Part 4: Jason Pomeranc

The Hotness of Jason Pomeranc


it also looks to us like this building may be the real culprit that moved Kush and several other store fronts on Orchard St. a Curbed reader speculated that it was due to an apartment development, but the Allen St hotel demolition looks like it’s breaking right through the block. and when we walked around to Orchard, the area that formerly housed Kush is EXACTLY behind the Allen St construction and has been recently boarded up (see Destruction on the LES: Where Will the Hipsters Play? )

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