Humane Society Seal Ralley today in Rock Center

Humane Society Seal Ralley today in Rock Center
all info below is from an email sent by The Humane Society of the United States: Humane Action Network Alert…

We want to be sure you know about the demonstration in New York City to protest the killing of many thousands of baby seals. Activists are stepping up the pressure against the Canadian government for the escalation of its commercial seal slaughter. Please attend the rally and contact the Canadian embassy to add your voice to the opposition.

The mass killing of harp seals, which targets weeks-old seal pups, has been reviled worldwide for its brutality. Sealers bludgeon young seals as they lie helpless on ice floes. Observers and scientists have noted that many of the animals are often still alive as they are skinned. Canadian government quotas have set the death toll at nearly a million seals over a three-year period.

Join The HSUS, Greenpeace, and other animal and environmental protection organizations in one of 50 cities around the world to protest Canada’s seal slaughter!

What: Seal Hunt Protest
When: Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Time: 12 noon to 2 p.m.

Where: Consulate General of Canada, 1251 Avenue of the Americas, New York City (Take the B or D subway lines to the 47-50 Streets Rockefeller Center stop). Local Sponsor: Caring Activists Against Fur CAAF). For more info Website:

Learn more about the International Day of Action

Find a list of demonstrations in North America

Learn more about the Canadian Seal Hunt Campaign

If you can’t attend any of the demonstrations, you can still add your voice to the protest by contacting Canadian embassy officials to demand they “Stop the Seal Kill.”
Send your message to:
The Honourable Frank McKenna
Office of the Ambassador, Canada
Canadian Embassy
501 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20001
Fax: 202-682-7701 or 202-682-7678

Please visit or contact Andrea Cimino at or (301)-258-3109 with any questions.

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