hey K-Smokes – step away from the pregnant lady

hey K-Smokes – step away from the pregnant lady
while the world tries to figure out if Britney Spears is pregnant (and it’s looking like a yes)… we’ll jump ahead to the next question: is Kevin Federline going to make a good Dad?… and we gotta say, all signs point to NO…


picked this idea up from LilLaaady of the JJB board, here’s her sweet note: “I hope she’s not pregnant if he’s just going to smoke in front of her. Second hand smoke could be just as damaging for a baby.”

check out PinksTheNewBlog for some great pics and commentary about Kev’s recent trip to Vegas and what might be going on in this photo and the rest of the series (let’s just say lots of apologizing.)

and via Gawker: Brit opens a can of whoop-ass on “false tabloids”

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