the US goverment’s Trafficking in Persons Report

the US goverment’s Trafficking in Persons Report
the internet abounds in eye-opening information. years ago we came across the US Governments annual Trafficking in Persons Report. as with any government issued information – we take it in with caution, but we continue to find the report to be a detailed and unique source of information on a subject many people do not consider in their daily life. a couple recent items in the news have caused us to reflect on the reports: the speculation on abductions after the tsunami, and the abduction and disappearance of 27 people traveling to certain areas of Mexico in the last 6 months. so we wanted to bring these reports to the attention of our readers. cuz knowledge is power!…

every year since 2001 the US government has updated a Trafficking in Persons Report. the Trafficking in Persons Report provides in-depth detail across the world.

Trafficking in Persons Report – Overview:
“The State Department is required by law to submit a report each year to the Congress on foreign government efforts to eliminate severe forms of trafficking in persons. This June 2004 report is the fourth annual TIP Report. Although country actions to end human trafficking are its focus, the report also tells the painful stories of the victims of human trafficking–21st century slaves. This report uses the term “trafficking in persons” which is used in U.S. law and around the world, and that term encompasses slave-trading and modern-day slavery in all its forms. We cannot truly comprehend the tragedy of trafficking in persons, nor can we succeed in defeating it, unless we learn about its victims: who they are, why they are vulnerable, how they were entrapped, and what it will take to free them and heal them.”

Report Main Page: 2004 (2003, 2002, 2001)

the “Tier Placement” page lists the status of countries around the globe. it’s interesting to compare previous years against the current report. (a small example of potential flaws and why we take it with a grain of salt, between 2003 and 2004 Haiti has disappeared from the list)

and please note: there’s been an incredibly disgusting movement by some of the extreme religious right groups to use these reports combined with tsunami event to make some bizarre statements. we just can’t link to that shit even to expose their foul and decrepit asses. here’s an article that has some credible sources that was released this month -
Few Reports of Increased Human Trafficking in Tsunami-hit Nations

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