behind the scenes at the dog show

behind the scenes at the dog show
we promised you some scoops from behind the scenes at the Westminster dog show, so here’s the poop:
– we didn’t see this anywhere in the news and we missed the incident, but the word going around was that a judge was bit by a dog! (badly enough for the judge to need to leave the show) this delayed breed competitions throughout the day and was a buzzing scandal (we heard it’s never happened before at Westminster)
– the crowd was insane! filled with characters, all very jovial and friendly. imagine each character in Best in Show times 1000. (plus people who look just like their dogs everywhere)
– we met Anderson Cooper at the show! he’s a nice and personable guy, taller and lankier than he looks on TV, and more handsome and relaxed (apparently he furrows his brow quite a bit when he’s on CNN.) he’s a big dog lover and has a Springer Spaniel.


why the dog show totally ROCKS!
– having never been to the show we did not know how about the backstage exhibit areas. All the dogs and their breeders/trainers are required to be in the exhibit area when not showing. people are encouraged to visit the animals and learn about them. this PR element is a huge part of the show. there’s also tons of stuff being given away, dogs food, treats, training and health info. (Westminster highly supports the ASCAP, shelters, and adoption agencies, and is anti- pet store/dog mill and is active in educating people in these areas)
– the earlier individual breed competitions were also wonderful. the giant single ring you see at night is transformed into 5-6 smaller rings in the day. you can go right down on the floor and watch the shows from 10 feet away. it’s a great way to feel the sporting energy!
– but our favorite part was roaming the grooming and backstage areas, seeing the dogs up close and personal, and listening in on all the show gossip! it was fabulous – the highlight of the day.
– we were there about 10 hours in all (with a 2 hour dinner break in between) – a $40 ticket got us all this!

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