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February 28, 2005

fingering Bush

fingering Bush Happy Scrappy posted a BRILLIANT hand-puppet recreation of Bush’s 5 day trip to Europe. it’s so clever, funny […] Read More

Oscar Star Flap

Oscar Star Flap we wanted to jot down some pre-awards dirt from the red carpet, but we were too mesmerized […] Read More

February 27, 2005

Con the Dom

Con the Dom some funny commentary out there on Condoleezza Rice‘s black jacket and stiletto heels look last week. the […] Read More

February 25, 2005

doing the math on Fred Durst’s teeny weenie

doing the math on Fred Durst’s teeny weenie (warning: all links below are not safe for work. and consensus in […] Read More

Buddy meets Dolly

Buddy meets Dolly Buddy wasn’t too happy about meeting baby Dolly, until Eric let him smell her feet… Read More

dog day afternoon

dog day afternoon lots of pics of pups going up in the next couple days. maybe it’s time to get […] Read More

Paris puffs up

Paris puffs up just like us, it seems Paris likes smoking a little weed to relax during those stressful moments […] Read More

February 24, 2005

the best of Paris-Gate

the best of Paris-Gate: in the wake of the hacked sidekick scandal some funny shit has been turning up in […] Read More