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January 5, 2005

landing ears

landing ears “ground to Buddy. lower your right ear. perfect. hold her straight on. you’re ready to land” Read More

Paris, drag queens and a joint

Paris, drag queens and a joint what’s not to love about this insane photo from Mark theCobraSnake (we dig shots […] Read More

January 4, 2005

we *heart* drunk girls

we *heart* drunk girls combing the JJB board last night we spotted these hilarious shots of this girl’s new years […] Read More

linky goodness

linky goodness – A Test of Will captures first hand the holiday bag insanity at NYC’s La Guardia Airport, and […] Read More

January 3, 2005

2005 kisses

2005 kisses wishing you all a fucking fantastic 2005! (and thanks fo reading this lil site. Buddy sends you kisses!) Read More

Buddy’s holidays…

Buddy’s holidays… what did Buddy do for the holidays?… bugged our adorable nephews 24/7 (and they loved every minute, even […] Read More