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January 19, 2005

a dog named Sew

a dog named Sew an incredibly touching rescued dog story, and it happened right here in the LES (near Seward […] Read More

January 18, 2005

snow Buddy

snow Buddy Buddy had fun tearing it up in the snow this weekend. we call him “the little blizzard”. Read More

don’t blame the cake

don’t blame the cake an email convo we had with a friend today on Brad and Jen and Ang. dam […] Read More

pimps represent

pimps represent Black Lily sent us this delicious link to “Don Magic Juan’s Annual Birthday and Players’ Ball” that was […] Read More

January 17, 2005

dressing up the baby, pt 2

dressing up the baby, pt 2 elephant. cookie monster. dressing up the baby pt 1 Read More


comical another funny comic from Jason Feifer of Happy Scrappy… Read More

January 14, 2005

dim lights big city

dim lights big city looking up 2nd Avenue in the mist last night… more misty NY shots Read More
( NY Photos )

tag city

tag city been snapping lots of street shots lately. here’s a bunch of tags n’ street art snapped in a […] Read More