ass rocketing takes off

ass rocketing takes off
apparently since Jackass the Movie was released in 2002 – the sport of ass rocketing has really taken off. (warning: some of this stuff is not work safe and there’s a gruesome burn, don’t click if it will Bum you out)


the photo on the right has been making the rounds (check out the whole series.) big shout out to our girl Black Lilly who ran it last week and inspired us to do a little Googling…

photo on the left is from mc motherfuckas Brazilian tour-diary

scroll down to see “Hat shooting a Bottle Rocket from his ass

it’s even hot with the ladies…
standing (click on link at bottom to see video)

or lying down (this one just launches and it’s a little raw)

and for the hell of it, here’s a rerun of the snow ass-fire video from the other day

plus… check out FileThirteen’s hilarious take on the homo-eroticism of ass-rocketing

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