stinky New Jersey

stinky New Jersey
growing up around NYC, northern New Jersey always seemed like “the 6th borough”. we felt right at home there, the kids were tough, the towns dark and weird, and the pizza was great.


exiting the Lincoln Tunnel and heading south on the NJ Turnpike – there’s an area packed with massive oil refineries. as you drive through, without fail, your car fills with the noxious smell of rotten eggs. our family endearingly called this area “stinky New Jersey”


but once you got off the Turnpike and onto the Garden State Parkway, central NJ was a different story. our summers were devotedly spent on the beautiful beaches of the Jersey Shore. here, we thought of New Jersey as “Vacation Land”! and grew to love the place so much that we were mystified and pissed-off when we heard comedians dump on the state.

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