random fun stuff

random fun stuff
– an early xmas present from his Thighness last week, another genius load of movie reviews, and check out his Muss C Moovies list in the left sidebar (a men’s mag or pop-culture publication that would be very smart to snag this witty mensch)

- hadn’t checked out any of the Gothamist’s franchise sites in other cites yet and decided to take a run through the other night. they’re GREAT. check out this hilarious article from the LAist where they park at odd angles around town and track the nasty notes they get from other drivers.

- Cat’s photo coverage of Santacom is excellent (about half way down the page.)

- and last but not least, Krucoff’s tribute to his old Dart last month brought a tear to our eye, and some heavy missing of our own royal blue ’71 slant 6 Swinger, named Cher (that we drove around the EV/LES in da mid 90’s thru 2001.) she was one sweet car.


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