counting the EV’s blessings: Frank Prisinzano

counting the EV’s blessings: Frank Prisinzano
the east village has been packed with Italian restaurants for decades. but it wasn’t until the arrival of Frank Prisinzano a few years ago that we got the good stuff (delicious, real deal, Italian cuisine.) starting at 2nd Ave and heading east there’s: Frank, Lil’ Frankie’s, and Supper. and we love them all.

each is little different, but they all serve wonderful, homey food based on Frank’s grandmother’s recipes. and all are in the inexpensive to moderate price range with over-the-top friendly atmosphere and service. the pasta sauces are heavenly and full of flavor, rosemary chicken is excellent, gnocchi has the perfect texture, salads are big and fresh, bread is always excellent (and the pizza at Lil Frankie’s is great. )


a couple of our favorite dishes from Frank (shown above): homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli, their heavenly fennel parmigiana, and slow cooked ragu with sausage and meatballs (so tender), about $28 for the order (without tax and tip.) and Frank and Lil Frankie’s deliver! menus, hours and directions for all of Frank’s restaurants can be found on Menupages

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