tree porn

tree porn
Treeporn3couple years ago we found this really old post card at a flea market, and were like "what the?…" and then it hit us – those perverted Victorians… it’s tree porn! (this photo of the post card is a bit blurry but you get the idea)

we haven’t looked at trees the same since then. young, old, female, male, thick, thin, a little growth or clean shaven. now we see sexy trees everywhere…. "hey oak, nice ass!"




tree porn for the masses:

the lovely Nichelle sent this tidbit – in the film A Dirty Shame “there’s a scene where Johnny Knoxville’s character gets excited by seeing trees like the one in your post.” yeeeehaaa!

more horny trees:

cool dude Adam sent us this photo from “outside a friend’s house”…


and a porny coincidence!… same day as we put this up, put up a Leaf Porn post!

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