take a trip to the drag strip

take a trip to the drag strip
we love stuff that goes VROOOM, cool art, well made minature things and shiny metal… so the Fast Forward exhibit at the Spring 3D gallery in Brooklyn looks like a kick ass show!


"FAST FORWARD is a collaborative show where artists take a trip to the drag strip…"
- Don Ervin’s amazing model race cars, ingenuously assembled out of common household objects
- photographers Fiorenzo Borghi, Gabrielle Shelton and Adam Scott’s take on the races
- artists Molly Dilworth and Pasqualina Azzarello’s paintings; Steve Butcher’s "Fast Line", as well as a special edition ceramics by Sarah Cihat.
- and at the center of the exhibit – a special viewing of George De Siato’s 1969 "slingshot" dragster!


the exhibit can be seen through November 14th, Thu – Sun from 1-7 pm. with a special evening reception tomorrow night – Tuesday November 9th from 6-9 pm – that’s open to all - check it out!!

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