subversive holidaze

subversive holidaze
T-Day is the one holiday we ditch our families and spend with friends. we love our families, but gotta say, it’s the best! we do whatever we want. no rules. no plans. just free form fun, feasting and relaxation. Tuesday night after we’d picked up a ton of fresh baked pies, Eric says “there’s too much pie not to eat pie now” and we dug in.


the next day, we thought – “hey why wait until tomorrow to cook all this great food”, so we had our massive Thanksgiving meal Wed night, with a leftover feast on the actual day. we play crazy music, eat in our pajamas, double-fist wine and cocktails, serve the gravy in a beer pitcher, and feed the dogs at the table. rolling out of your chair and onto the floor during the meal is highly encouraged.


gotta have one holiday all your own, do it the way you feel, start new traditions, party with your friends, and live large in your own style!

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