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November 9, 2004

beef, it’s what’s for dinner

beef, it’s what’s for dinnerat first he seems the picture of good manners, but when there’s steak around, it’s just […] Read More

November 8, 2004

fall-ing fast

fall-ing fastlooks like it’s time to say goodbye to this radiant season… (and hello to winter) Read More

take a trip to the drag strip

take a trip to the drag stripwe love stuff that goes VROOOM, cool art, well made minature things and shiny […] Read More

the face of…

the face of…wonder what would make Buddy put on this handsome and alert look?… stay tuned, we’ll reveal the answer […] Read More

November 5, 2004

Kerry won

Kerry won a fucking amazing analysis and commentary from Tom Paine… Kerry won. Here are the facts. "I know you […] Read More


BODman"I hope they know he’s gay"… (great stuff from I’m So Confused! our favorite new daily read) we’re feelin Black […] Read More


fucthis tag appeared Wednesday morning on a wall near the UN… sorry all, we’re trying to stay positive but need […] Read More

smoke-in in the boys room

smoke-in in the boys room ain’t nothing better than a late night joint in a bar bathroom with our boyz […] Read More