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November 22, 2004

back scratch fever

back scratch fever Buddy melts when you scratch his back (or tummy or ears)… Read More

straight edge

straight edge once again Michael Simon stuns us with a story that equals the intensity of his photo… “Wes is […] Read More


squirrley we liked this squirrel graf on Ludlow Street and snapped it a couple weeks ago for those squirrel lovers […] Read More

November 19, 2004

have a glowball!

have a glowball! until Monday, we leave you with the swirling patterns of the mesmerizing GLOWBALL… (disco-glowball lives at the […] Read More
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researchers challenge Bush win

researchers challenge Bush win a fascinating and compelling article on how voter technology failed in Florida from ComputerWorld… University researchers […] Read More

street art to the highest power

street art to the highest power holy shit! is THE BOMB! we’d seen this site linked around but never […] Read More

November 18, 2004


igive over the next few weeks we’ll be running a little “holidazed” series with shopping tips and gift ideas. our […] Read More

His name is Ziggy

His name is Ziggy oh-my-god, just spotted this little guy on You Can’t Make It Up… “This dog is a […] Read More