over the next few weeks we’ll be running a little “holidazed” series with shopping tips and gift ideas. our first tip starts with the gift of giving!… we first learned about iGive.com through Waggy Tail Rescue. iGive is a wonderful service that donates part of your online sales to your favorite charity. they list and work with tons of big online retailers. all you need to do is sign-up and download a little software piece onto your system (it’s very easy to use/download.) then it will pop up every time you shop one of their online affiliates (you still pay the same price and get any discounts the retailer is offering!)

once you’re on iGive – every time you shop online a percentage of your purchase will go to your favorite charity! many people we know intend on donating to charities and causes around the holidays but end up running out of time or money! one of the reasons we love iGive is it makes it so easy and painless to take care of that goal. so kick off your holiday shopping by signing up for iGive and give to charity while you shop!

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