A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words
forwarded from a friend… “Image by CHUCK CLOSE. A composite of American soldiers who have died in Iraq over the last year. A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in this case, a thousand lives +. And growing daily. Please vote tomorrow.”


for off the beaten track and well put together reporting and facts… tons of detailed updates are rolling out of the Daily Kos

from Kottke.org – What to do on election day
If you experience problems voting, or if you see anything improper at the polls, you may want to get help. It is a good idea to bring a cellphone, and phone numbers of nonpartisan hotlines like the Election Protection program’s 1-866-OURVOTE and Common Cause’s 1-866-MYVOTE1

and an inspiring (and funny) message from our friends John and George who flew out to Broward County, Florida to volunteer on the front line…

“we were assigned to the Deerfield Beach headquarters (about 15 miles north of Fort Lauderdale) where we were hooked up with Bill and Anna, a couple that drove from San Diego to work here in Florida. There are people from all over the country volunteering here, but a lot from New York and California. We were given maps, fliers and polling location info, jumped into Bill’s SUV and headed off to the Everest of retirement communities, Century Village! I can’t tell you how huge this place is, but definitely home to several thousand retirees. We went door to door, and the reaction of those people was greater than we could have ever have imagined. This place has got to be 90% for Kerry! Half the people had already voted, the rest were fixing to vote and needed no help getting there.
Here are some of the great quotes of the day:
“wild horses couldn’t keep me from voting”
“That Bush is crazy”
“My name is Pearl, I’m from Brooklyn, who else would I vote for?”
“I mean he seems like a nice man…..but he has to go”
“God bless you Boys”
“How’s my unit doing? Are they all voting for Kerry too? Yes? I live in the best unit!”
There’s a lot of Century Villages in Florida and there Voting KERRY!!

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