countdown to change: on November 2 we will RECLAIM our country. we will reclaim our nation’s safety, we will reclaim our nation’s stability and we will reclaim our nations humanity.


this weekend TURN IT OUT AND GO FULL FORCE – if there’s someone you’ve been meaning to call – do it! let relatives and friends know how important this election is to you. contact anyone you might know in swing states and encourage and support them in contacting others. it’s our goal to think of 2 people this weekend we haven’t thought of yet and contact them.

the danger of another 4 years…
SAFETY – Bush’s actions in Iraq have rallied the Middle East’s radicals against us. Americans have undeniably NEVER been a bigger target. Homeland security has never been weaker. Every person we’ve spoken to in NY feel’s LESS SAFE.

ECONOMICS – Bush does not care about the low and middle class people in this country. We have trillion’s of dollar’s in deficit because he panders to the rich. He will continue to give tax breaks to the wealthiest, and fuck the low and middle classes. His next target will be Social Security. As he continues to bankrupt the country this system and bucket of money becomes an increasing target for him to play with.

this weekend, tell eveyone you know to get out and VOTE FOR KERRY on Tuesday!
(photos coyright: Baldomero Fernandez)

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