through the eyes of others

through the eyes of others
the Photolog phenomenon is one of the most unique things to come from the internet. thousands of sites filled with incredible photos, each different from the next, each capturing it’s own slice of life with great artistry and putting it right at your finger tips to discover.

the work is beautiful and revealing. for us it’s as much about seeing the lives of people and discovering the world around them (through their eyes), as it is about the great imagery of the photos themselves. all of a sudden the world of personal photography has changed. it goes beyond recording images of one’s life to remember and exchange with friends and family. it’s a way to share with the world our lives, loves, and passions – anything that visually inspires us, from strange and quirky, to moving and monumental. this big planet becomes clearer and more personal – through the eyes of others.

and with that we kick off a series where we’ll profile some of our favorite sites and photologs on the net. our first profile is: Michael Simon’s photography site. his work speaks to us on so many levels. from capturing visions of simple beauty, to glimpses of these very raw and real scenes that make you feel like you’re right there in the moment

Subway Party, New York City.

Franky, up for adoption at “Adopt A Stray Day”. Maplewood NJ.

25 ta Life, Wash D.C.

Near Portland, Maine.

(photos above are copyrighted Michael Simon Photography, and published with permission)

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