friday links

friday links
Nick CatchDubs is always finding that great shit we don’t see anywhere else, 2 links from this week:
– “Holdin’ down the block – This guy is crazy” (DON’T MISS THIS ONE!)
– “Are you a Sneaker Freak?

ka-zing… Joey and Kerry are on fire! some hilarious links and lines from today’s Two-Headed Beast Edition Of Tale Of Two Cities:
– “Gimme a Break!: John Stossel recruits help for his mission to fuck every gay man in New York.”
– “Quit Stalking Celebrities: Until you get a better camera phone!”
– “Vegetarianism Suddenly Awful: Thanks for ruining our favorite treat, Bill!”

this post by Lindsay pointed us to a cool article and made us thunk a lot. maybe one day we’ll throw up our own experiences (as a lesbian who used to fuck a bunch of her male friends :-) but for now this kinda nails it… “The girls I know who are most successful with guys are the same girls who have a lot of platonic straight male friends.”

newly launched Screenhead is a fun daily cruise:
– “Because He Says So
– “The Infinite Cat Project

Thigh Master’s whackiness of the week

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