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Halloweeny things…
while looking for ideas for cool costumes that are cheap and easy to make (since we weren’t able to pick up a costume at the big sale), we got goosebumps when we stumbled on Retrocrush’s HILARIOUS collection of the BEST retro costumes called – “THE WORST HALLOWEEN COSTUMES OF ALL TIME”. Robert “Baretta” Blake, Scott Baio/Chachi, Fantasy Island’s Tattoo, ahhhhhhh we want them all!

anyway, we’re still looking for costume ideas. here’s some fun, easy ones we’ve done:
– last year we grabbed a couple gauze bandage rolls from Duane Reade on Delancy, found a couple cool black hats and sunglasses, some gloves and walked around as invisible people (then ended up partying in the basement of the old Meow Mix with Joan Jet :-)
– Hugh Hefner – grey stuff for hair, big fashiony glasses, dark robe, silk scarf for ascot, pipe from tobacco store (girlfriend as Bunny – cardboard ears + t-shirt made by printing a Bunny logo, cutting out and spray painting) now that was a great night.
– fisherman who’s hooked his face – fishing pool with big hook on the end, hooked through rubber old man mask, fake blood, flannel shirt. pulled on the hook to freak people out.

if you have any costume ideas hook us up!… send an email
(and thanks for the pic Gigi!)

Update: these are AWESOME… “Forbes offers up Celebrity Halloween Masks for you to print out

and some SCARY SHIT!

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