voter reg scavenger hunt!

voter reg scavenger hunt!
CityRag has a challenge for you – find one person who is not registered to vote, have an informative and passionate conversation with them, and get them to register and participate in this years election! bonus points for nailing down someone in a swing state!

and just in time has put together an excellent Voters Information Guide for the 2004 US Election that has every possible link and bit of information on how and where to register.

in response to our “mom” post yesterday….
our friend NO sent this in… “nice work getting your mom to vote! i got the confirmation from my mom over the weekend that she and my dad are totally kerry supporters…”

and Gail sent us these inspiring words… “Miracles do happen! You CAN get people to THINK and change… my Mom and I are going to watch the Thursday debate together so I can simplify and explain stuff to her. She even asked me to make sure that she would be taken to the polls to vote” (Gail’s mom just turned 80 :-)

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