NY dog rescue: WaggyTail

NY dog rescue: WaggyTail
WaggyTail Rescue is a wonderful organization, similar to the one we got Buddy from. they go into NY “kill” shelters, pick out dogs (and cats!), post them on Petfinder.org and foster them in volunteer apartments around the city until they get adopted into loving homes.

WaggyTail is currently listing several ADORABLE small dogs… a Chihuahua/Corgi mix named Wilbur, who’s insanely cute (looks like a black version of Buddy.) Cookie, the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen, with a story that will break your heart.


Jackie Chan looks like such a funny and loving dog. and little Rocco is a wiggly, snuggly, nuzzler.


we want them all! if you’re thinking about adopting a shelter/rescue dog and want to talk to someone who’s been through it, send us an email. words cannot describe what a rewarding, loving and beautiful experience it’s been for us.

if you want to help but can’t make a long term commitment to a pet, you can foster an animal or volunteer, donate something needed on their wish list, or make a donation, they need every penny.

and on WaggyTail’s site we discovered a great way to help non-profit orgs. iGive.com lists a ton of big online retailers and when you buy from them through iGive’s website, a percentage of your sale goes to your favorite charity. and it’s not small change, there are some significant percentages and bonuses being paid (right now ther’s an additional $5 bonus.) we’re planning on doing all our online holiday shopping through their site!

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