fair fight

fair fight
at the Demolition Derby a couple weeks ago we watched this fight go down… the stands and grounds were packed and people started congregating on the stairway landing to watch the show, blocking the view a bit for the people in the first rows. this drunk, red faced, jerk starts screaming obscenities and threats at the people standing. they don’t respond, so he takes his plate full pizza and full soda and THROWS IT ALL at the backs of the kids and adults standing! the people are all like “what the fuck?!”, and a short round woman (with her arm in a sling) runs over and freaks out on the dude…


he then stands up and TAKES A SWING at the woman in the SLING! and she ducks backwards like a prize fighter! at this point her husband runs over and tells them BOTH to stop the craziness. he gets right up in the assaulting drunk guy’s face and chills him out! it was miraculous!!


we talked to the woman’s husband after the derby and asked him “how did you control yourself?” and he told us the fight starter was “drunk off his ass and had his kids on both sides of him” (the f’ing coward) and he didn’t want to throw it down “in front of his kids”. Lesson: even if a guy takes a swing at your wife, you’re not going to win by beating him up in front of his kids.

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