purple MF’s

purple MF’s
conversation in a bar a couple weeks ago…
Us (to cute girl who’s been looking over): “I’m trying to figure out where I know you from?”
Girl: “hey, I used to be at your night at Babyland all the time. I was just telling my friends – ‘I think that’s a bartender I used to know’”
Us: “oh yeah! didn’t you and me and like 5 other girls make out one night? ”
Girl: “I don’t think that was me”
Us: “they all went home and had an orgy”
Girl: “dam, I missed that. I did dance topless on the bar a couple times with a bunch of girls. and I remember you used to make these great shots – purple mother-fuckers”

good reminiscences of Babes in Babyland, purplemfthe Girl Party we threw at Babyland Bar in the 90’s… the party was INSANE. lots of dancing, late nights, hot women and sex. our boy Pete wanted the bar back job, so the trade off was that he had to wear a leather diaper and baby bonnet. turns out the girl we were talking to, Terri, has a cool band these days Triple Crème.

coincidentally, at the Dark Room opening we ran into 2 people who used to hang at another place we bartended, NoTell Motel, and they mentioned the Purple Mother-Fuckers. an excellent summer party drink/shot – a smooth Grape Kool-Aid effect for your light weight friends, but made with quality stuff for drinks snobs…
crushed ice, double shot of good vodka, splash of Chambord, and fresh squeezed lemon, shaken and served straight up. (1/4 lemon per serving, not too much Chambord or it will taste like cough syryp.) beautiful, refreshing and packs a punch!

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