hot tomato

hot tomato
there’s a reason why you’ll see heirloom tomatoes on the menus of some of the city’s best restaurants right now… they have a rich, deep and bright flavor, and come in beautiful variety of shapes and colors. heirlooms have a had a major resurgence in both the gardening and epicurean communities over the last few years. they’re one of our favorite foods, and call for the simplest of preparations. like an open-face tomato sandwich: a piece of toast, with a smear of mayo and a couple fresh slices on top.


so many great varieties, and each have their own unique characteristics and undertones. one of the most flavor packed is the pink fleshed Brandywine shown below. they’re available at the Union Square green market and other farm markets around the city. but our secret spot for scoring an inexpensive, freshly picked assortment is a little old family farm stand called “Green Acres” in Columbia County about hours above the city (at the Hudson exit off the Taconic, 3 miles west on Rt. 82.) and by-the-way – don’t be afraid of their funny look, the ugly ones are often the tastiest! (and as the pic below shows, once you slice them open, inside it’s another story.)


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